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Value-Based Models

Understand how pathways* and alternative payment models (APMs) stand to impact product utilization and sequencing, as well as identify how to best engage key value based model organizations and their influencers. (* pathways only available for oncology brands)

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Management Dashboard

The Pathways and APM Tool provides a Management view to show high-level pathways trends, including utilization dynamics, brand positioning & development, and engagement opportunities.

Value to Manufacturers

  • Monitor and track landscape trends

  • Identify gaps and opportunities across portfolio

  • Support account management and targeting

  • Management Dashboard

    Key Business Questions Addressed


    Product Sequencing & Utilization

    How are our products sequenced on dominant value-based programs vs. the FDA approved indication and competitors?


    Provider Participation

    To what extent are providers participating in value-based models & what is the potential impact on prescribing behaviors?


    Payer Adoption

    Which priority payers are sponsoring emerging value-based models and how has payer sponsorship evolved over time?


    Regional Targeting

    Which states and regions have greater exposure (providers and payers) to value based programs?


    Steering Committee Influencers

    Who are the priority stakeholders that influence model development and implementation for targeting?

    Account Profiles

    In-depth account profiles of value-based models have been developed to guide targeted engagement action planning, based on operational models, provider workflow integration, and key influencers.

    Value to Manufacturers

  • Understand value-based models and their impact on product utilization and sequencing

  • Identify key models, decision-makers & influence opportunities for targeted engagement planning

  • Maintain updates on emerging participants, brand positioning, and key influencers

  • Account Profiles

    Key Business Questions Addressed


    Program Overview

    What is the value-based model’s business model & strategic focus?


    Adoption & Participants

    What is the organization’s adoption & footprint among providers and payers?


    Development Process

    What is the development process, meeting times and data submission opportunities?


    Capabilities & Adherence

    How are models integrating within HCP workflows & what are avg. adherence rates?


    Decision-Markers & Influencers

    Which steering committee members & influencers should be prioritized?

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