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Provider Key Accounts

Identify provider protocols access & field team engagement priorities

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Management Dashboard

The Providers Key Accounts Tool provides a Management view to show high-level account segmentation based on internal operations and prescribing behaviors.

Value to Manufacturers

  • Inform prioritization of clinical & non-clinical value drivers impacting value perception and utilization

  • Support alignment of key opportunities and engagement objectives across home-office and field-based teams

  • Share potential engagement planning activities for consideration

  • Management Dashboard

    Key Business Questions Addressed


    Product Performance

    How is my product performing relative to competitors at my key accounts?


    Regional Alignment

    In which regions do I have a greater concentration of high vs. low-performing accounts?


    Access & Prescribing Dynamics

    Within each local market, what key account & environmental dynamics may be influencing utilization / value perception?


    Opportunity Prioritization

    What account opportunities should we prioritize?


    Engagement Planning

    What segment-specific engagement considerations may inform action planning?

    Account Profiles

    In-depth account profiles were developed for priority provider accounts, with profiling information structured across 5 key business questions.

    Value to Manufacturers

  • Understand key account access & prescribing drivers or barriers for performance

  • Identify both traditional & emerging account engagement opportunities for action planning

  • Maintain single-source of intelligence on updates to M&A, business model & pathways

  • Account Profiles

    Key Business Questions Addressed


    Account Overview

    How is my product performing & what account characteristics may explain utilization?


    Business Model & Operations

    What are the account’s business model priorities, accreditations, and staffing?


    Clinical Sophistication

    What is the account’s utilization patterns, prescribing drivers, and testing protocols?


    Protocols & Pathways

    How do internal protocols and external pathways influence access / prescribing?


    Manufacturer Engagement

    What engagement restrictions exist, and which stakeholders should be prioritized?

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