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Payer Quality of Access

Develop better strategies to address coverage challenges, as well as focus messages to improve value perception

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Management Dashboard

To support quality of coverage restrictions profiling, Pulse Analytics can perform deep account profiling for analogs across dominant channels, pharmacy & medical benefit & Part B MACs.

Value to Manufacturers

  • Inform payer pre-launch access forecasting & post-launch surveillance

  • Support payer account restrictions management & targeting

  • Track account manager engagement efforts & market changes

  • Management Dashboard

    Key Business Questions Addressed


    Review Timing

    How quickly have payers reviewed & published coverage policies for my product vs. relevant analogs?


    Quality of Access

    How is my product being managed relative to my approved indications & which restrictions are most burdensome?


    Historical Trends

    How has my coverage changed month over month?


    Competitive Access

    How does my coverage compare vs. competitors?


    Regional Targeting

    Which states do we have favorable vs. restricted access?

    Account Profiles

    In-depth account profiles for top payers to allow monitoring of quality of access as well as support for regional targeting & strategic account engagement.

    Value to Manufacturers

  • Inform targeted account engagement strategies to secure favorable payer access

  • Focus efforts on account planning rather than profiling

  • Maintain updated account business model, partnerships & management capability trends

  • Inform impact of payer coverage decisions

  • Account Profiles

    Key Business Questions Addressed


    Account Summary

    What are the account’s quality of coverage, contracting precedent, & who are the key influencers?


    Organization Overview

    What is the payer’s business model, enrollment & geographic footprint?


    Management Capabilities

    What are the account’s emerging management capabilities & provider partnerships?


    Review Process

    How does the payer review products & what are default coverage policies pre-review?


    Product Coverage

    Which states do we have favorable vs. restricted access?

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